Introducing the Solewood Fixie Bike

We wanted people to know our brand is more than just about cool swag made with wood. Its about reminding us of the fun times enjoying quality time with our friends and loved ones, doing the stuff we like to do most.  We realized a lot of the stuff we like to do like playing ping pong, corn hole, and skateboarding all involve wood. Our love of wood in its beautiful natural variations of grain, color, and texture between species combined with our passion for product design arrived at the creation of Solewood.

We felt it was important to tie in Solewood's online presence on the streets, not just in the products we've created but also in a moving object that advertises the brand.  So we created the Solewood Fixie bike. You'll definitely be seeing the Solewood fixie riding around town from time to time.  Feel free to stop us and ask questions about Solewood or go for a ride on the bike.